Latest Ofsted inspection

As most of you will know we were inspected by Ofsted in June this year and we were very pleased to be rated as ‘Good’. The report is available online for you to read. Please visit

The Inspector summarised her key findings as follows:

  • Links with parents, other professionals and providers are strong. This means important
    information about the children’s progress and well-being is shared to promote a
    consistency in approach for all areas of children’s lives. 
  • Staff observe children carefully and get to know each one. As a consequence, they are
    able to plan exciting learning opportunities that children are interested in and promote
    good progress in all areas of development. 
  • Children enjoy playing at the playgroup where they have a wide variety of toys and
    resources available to them. This helps to develop their natural curiosity and acquire an
    enthusiasm for learning that will support them well in the future. 
  • Children feel safe and secure in the playgroup. They are able to independently find
    their own playthings and make friends as they play and learn. 
  • Staff have a good understanding of how to keep children safe. They are clear of the
    reporting procedures should they have concerns about children and in the playgroup are vigilant to potential hazards as children play. 

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